We install bird proofing to stop pigeons from nesting under your solar panels in Kent.

All areas in Kent covered. Fast response, 100% Guaranteed service.

Solar Panel Pigeon Protection.

Feral pigeons are a real nuisance once they find your solar panels.

A few may start to nest but in quick time more, and more birds flock to your roof as the solar panels offer warmth, shelter and refuge from birds of prey that would normally steal the eggs and young.

Having your solar panels protected from nesting pigeons in Kent is the only way to ensure your investment is kept in full working order and to keep your warranty intact.

Damage caused by nesting pigeons.

Once pigeons ‘take hold’ of your solar panels the cost for any repairs can spiral.

The acidic content in bird waste can break down wiring and connection blocks which in turn can create faults with your solar panel system to the point that they can stop working.

There is also the daily, and ongoing costs to clean gutters, driveways, patios, windows, vehicles and the constant cooing and the noise from under the panels.

Bird waste on the panels can also decrease efficiency and output.

Why use us for solar panel bird proofing in Kent?

We offer a very fast service to get rid of pigeons from under your solar panels.

We cover all of Kent for both domestic and commercial installations. Check our are coverage here.

We act fast as we know the problem will only get worse if nothing is done. (We have had a few customers that have had to have panels removed due to the seriousness of the infestation).

We are also one of the original installers who install only purpose made, robust products to ensure birds stay away. Beware of gimmick products on the market – particularly plastic products or installers who use mastic to stick products to your panels.

5 Year guarantee on our installations!

We are so confident of our work that for your peace of mind we will present you with a five year guarantee. No if’s, no buts!

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We only use stainless steel fixings – not plastic!

No more pigeons – and that is a guarantee!

5 Year Guarantee on the installation

Important Information

Depending on the layout of your solar panels and the pitch of the roof it may be necessary to have a scaffold erected for access and to act as fall arrest.

This will add to the cost of the installation. However, we have a scaffold Co we have used for a number of years who offer great rates for our customers.

If you are thinking of having solar panels installed why not take advantage and call us to add solar panel bird proofing whilst the scaffold is up?

Get in touch to have your solar panels bird proofed.